Cover Letter Writing

The cover letter is an introductory letter to accompany the resume. The cover letter is not a job application,
nor should it be a part of the resume or follow the conclusion of the resume.

Preparing a highly targeted and personalised cover letter you are already on your way to be noticed for the position.

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  • Competitive Edge

    We tailor your covering letter to a specific job or industry to give you a competitive edge, many employers won’t even consider a candidate who doesn’t include a cover letter, in our experience applicants who include a tailored cover letter, written in the same style as their resume are more likely to be shortlisted.

  • Attract the Reader

    You may have a great personality and the exact skills required for the position, but without a compelling cover letter that attracts the readers attention immediately you will never get the opportunity to prove that you are the perfect candidate.

  • One Size Does Not Fit All

    You must establish the reason for applying for the position within the first couple of sentence, your cover letter must include words that target the position, remember “one size does not fit all”.

Stand out from the crowd by having Smarter Resumes write a customised cover letter that highlights your skills and experience relevant to the position, and details why you are suitable for the position.


  • We treat each client as an individual
  • Cover letters are tailored for your targeted role and industry
  • In a highly competitive job market, we know standing out matters
  • Aim to get you more call-backs
  • Increase chances to land position
  • Effectively market your skills and abilities to employers in EVERY industry and profession
  • Understands the job market
  • Meets industry guidelines
  • Compliant with Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)
  • Expert Advice
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