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The majority of Government employers require applicants to address selection criteria in the job application.

The Smarter Resume Team can assist with Selection Criteria responses utilising the STAR method (Situation/Tasks/Actions/Results),

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The STAR model is one way of presenting information against selection criteria. For each criterion think about the following and use these points to form sentences:

  • Situation

    Set the context by describing the circumstance where you used the skills or qualities and gained the experience.

  • Task

    What was your role?

  • Actions

    What did you do and how did you do it?

  • Results

    What did you achieve? What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?


Receive a copy of our “Selection Criteria Process” manual, which will go through the relevant process when completing selection criteria

The majority of government employers require applicants to address selection criteria in their job application. Hire one of our professional writers to help you get short-listed for more jobs! Our writers have extensive experience preparing government job applications and know what it takes to produce a successful application.


  • 1 Your writer will ask you to provide them with specific examples that demonstrate how you meet each selection criteria.
  • 2 You will be asked to complete a STAR table which involves writing some brief points against the Situation / Tasks / Actions / Result undertaken for each of these examples.
  • 3 Your writer will then wordsmith this information into a logical response that clearly addresses the selection criteria requirements using relevant keywords and phrases.

The Smarter Resumes product has been extensively developed using tried and proven principles, which as a professional document has little competition, to help you gain the right job, quicker.


  • We treat each client as an individual
  • Resumes are tailored for your targeted role and industry
  • In a highly competitive job market, we know standing out matters
  • Aim to get you more call-backs
  • Increase chances to land position
  • Effectively market your skills and abilities to employers in EVERY industry and profession
  • Understands the job market
  • Meets industry guidelines
  • Compliant with Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)
  • Expert Advice
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All clients will go through a personal consultation at a location and time that suites or consultation can be done over the phone, email, or Skype.

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