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Resume writing is an art form and to find a new job you must be able to write a
compelling resume that will stand out from your competition.

Secure more job interviews by engaging one of our expert resume writers to prepare a professional resume for you, tailored for your target role and industry.

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  • No interviews

    Are you one of these people who has always had success writing your own résumé and cover letter but are no longer getting invited to interviews? 

  • Perfect candidate

    Even when you are exactly what a prospective employer is looking for in a candidate?

  • The reason is simple

    No one on the hiring team has seen your documents. Your documents have been uploaded into a computer database. The decision whether your résumé is suitable for the position is being made by computer software.


Many companies use leading edge, sophisticated software (“Applicant Tracking Software”) to screen your documents before any person reads them!

Have your resume written by a professional who understands the job market and to meet industry guidelines and uses “key words” which are compliant with Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).


  • 1 Job Created
  • 2 Job Seekers Apply
  • 3 Applicants are Screened
  • 4 Interviews are Conducted
  • 5 Applicant Hired

The Smarter Resumes product has been extensively developed using tried and proven principles, which as a professional document has little competition, to help you gain the right job, quicker.


  • We treat each client as an individual
  • Resumes are tailored for your targeted role and industry
  • In a highly competitive job market, we know standing out matters
  • Aim to get you more call-backs
  • Increase chances to land position
  • Effectively market your skills and abilities to employers in EVERY industry and profession
  • Understands the job market
  • Meets industry guidelines
  • Compliant with Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)
  • Expert Advice
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All clients will go through a personal consultation at a location and time that suites or consultation can be done over the phone, email, or Skype.

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Equally important as the production of the resume and counselling on how to it, avoiding advertised positions as the main course of action. This advice is part of the service, clearly placing you where approximately 80% of positions are never advertised in the hands of approximately 5% of people seeking employment – regardless of profession.

People do not realise that they are one of hundreds applying for the same job and nine out of ten applications are simply discarded immediately.

Since the inception of Smarter Resumes we have helped many clients secure employment who had previously had their resumes prepared by so called ‘resume writers/professionals’ which were no more than “cut and pasted” templated documents.

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